Reflex Level Gauge

With flat Reflex Glass for showing level of colourless liquids, Reflex Gauges use prism glass to provide an excellent indication of the liquid level. All liquids appear black in high contrast to the mirror like surface above. This clean line of separation can be sighted from many meters away. A reflex glass is clamped within the gauge body and seals the front opening of the liquid or vapour


Applications with Steam :

upto 32 bar saturated steam

Indication: steam space – Silver White

Water Space : Black


1. Center Piece : Forged Carbon Steel, conforms to ASTM A 105 and Stainless Steels as per SS 304/ 316. Others on request.

2. Cover Plate : Carbon Steel, conforms to ASTM A 105 as Standard.,& others on request.

3. Reflex Glass : Toughened Borosilicate.

4. Gasket : CAF or Teflon.

5. Gauge Valves : Auto Shut-off ball check valves, bolted bonnet or screwed bonnet.

6. U-Bolt & Nut : Alloy Steel as per ASTM A-193 Gr.B7/A-194 Gr.-2 H


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