Plate Strainer

Plate Type Strainer shaped like a basket and usually installed in a vertical cylinder. This Strainer is very easy to clean, since foreign particle is captured in the basket after change over the valve without getting plant shut-down. It can also sometimes offer more straining surface area than a plate strainer, improving flow rates, or decreasing pressure loss through the strainer. Basket Type Filter elements are generally used from stainless steel (S.S. 304/316/304L/316L) for corrosion resistance & long life performance



1. Pump protection

2. Flow meter protection

3. Protection of steam traps

4. Valve and regulator protection

5. Protection of heat exchanger and refrigerating set

6. Instrumentation and ancillary piping item protection

Design & Construction:

From Seamless Pipes Conforms to ANSI B36.10M. ANSI B36.19M, Dished End-ANSI B16.9, with Forged or Bar Stock Fittings with Socket Weld connection as per ANSI B16.11 or Screwed Connection as per ANSI B1.20.1 and Flat Cap from Plates.

Standard sizes from 40mm to 500mm.

1. Available with RF and FF flange.

2. Custom fabrication can be done for very high pressure.

3. Can be installed in horizontal or vertical pipelines.

4. Drain connections are standard and are furnished with plug.

5. Perforated screen with 40 Mesh linings are standard.

6. Other linings shall be done on request.

7. Drain can be provided with valve on request.

8. To meet cryogenic application with suitable MOC

9. To meet high temperature with suitable gasket and MOC.

10. Free straining are 4 times of pipe cross section are standard.

Technical Specifications:

• Material of construction Housing : Carbon steel, Stainless steel in various grades, – Other materials and coatings available on request

• Filter Element: Carbon steel, Stainless steel in various grades – Other materials available on request.

• End connection : Flanged (As per requested Table.), Threaded (NPT or BSP)

• Sizes: Sizes are available from 1/2″ Line size to 24″ Line size. Other/Higher sizes available on request

• Filtration rating : Filtration rating available from 1 micron to 1000 microns

• Pressure rating: Up to 1000 PSI. High-pressure ratings available on request


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